Do you do your homework before shopping for toys? Do you make sure that you are buying toys that are appropriate for the age of the child? Here are some tips to help you be an informed toy shopper.

Here are some tips to help you be an informed toy shopper.
  • Choose age-appropriate toys. Toys for older children may have parts that are dangerous to younger children. Also consider the ability and interest level of the child.

  • Look for quality design and construction. A better made toy will be less likely to break or fall apart.

  • Look for labels with age and safety advice. If you can't find the labels don't buy it.

Smart Toys

These toys can connect to the internet and may contain cameras, geolocation technology, sensors, data storage capabilities, and speech recognition that could disclose your family's personal information.

Before buying these types of toys, do some research. Look at the manufacturer's website to see if you can find the privacy policy and user's manual. Check if the toy can function without being connected.

Protect yourself at home by properly securing your wi-fi connection. Also secure any devices that will be used with the toy. If the toy connects using Bluetooth, it should use a password, PIN code or other authentication method.

Protect your personal information by providing only the minimum amount of data required.

This article from the FBI provides more details.